Fava Bean Protein Powder

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Fava Bean Protein Powder Benefits

Fava beans, and fava bean protein powder, have incredible health benefits! These little beans are packed full of nutrients that your body craves.

·  Low (virtually no) fat while being high protein and high fiber

·  Full of nutrients like manganese, folate, copper, phosphate, magnesium, iron, B1, and zinc (just to name a few!)

·  Increase dopamine levels (which may help with Parkinson’s Disease symptoms) 

·  High levels of folate can help prevent birth defects 

·  Prevent bone loss

·  Iron-rich which can help with anemia symptoms 

It’s safe to say that the protein-packed tasteless fava bean protein powder is something everyone should be including in their daily routine.

Fava Bean Protein Powder Uses

Fava bean protein powder can be used daily as a virtually tasteless and textureless addition to your favorite meals. Bake it into pizza crust, add it to your favorite cake recipe, or discover something new on our recipe blog!

Fava Bean Protein Powder Nutrition and Info

Plant-based protein powder | No soy | No GMOs | No Gluten

27 grams of protein per serving

Net wt 16 oz (1 lb / 450 g)

Grown in North America