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Hey You! Adham here. You’re reading this for one of two reasons; 1. My mom showed you this website and told you I should’ve been a doctor but I’m doing this “business for now“, or 2. You’ve ended up here because like me you’ve tried to figure out why or what your body keeps reacting too but you still want to get your protein and live a healthy life.

Before Green Boy I ran a small gut microbiome start up for a five years It taught me a lot about the importance of our gut and the impact it has on our body and mental health. After we shut down the company my parents hinted at medical school while I started thinking about the next Idea.

In the meantime, I was dealing with a lot of health issues and couldn’t figure out what my body was reacting too. After testing negative for all the major allergens, I blamed it on stress. Doctors told me managing my stress will prevent a lot of the “reactions“. I decided to reduce all unknown ingredients from my diet and out of this I found a single ingredient protein that worked well for my body and health. A few months later… I realized my next idea was right in front of me all along.

I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me… and as a reward for reading all this you can use discount code THANKSMOM for 20% off.

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Our Plant-based Proteins

We've worked to create an affordable, high quality plant-based protein powder through stringent testing and sourcing. We have crafted a single ingredient protein with no odor and minimal flavor for versatile use. Have a go and show us your best recipes. Or don't and just enjoy the delicious recipes you made all to yourself...