Our Roots

Green Boy Group was founded in 2016 by two mission driver entrepreneurs Peter van Dijken and Frederik Otten from Amsterdam. Their goal was to make their mark on the US food industry by focusing on supplying high quality plant-based proteins to US food giants. This mission was developed further with the launch of the retail arm Green Boy Products based out of LA with Adham Aljahmi as the CEO of the new company. 

Adham takes the lead of Green Boy Products with the aim of serving consumer directly with a more sustainable, easy to use, great tasting, single ingredient plant-based protein powder.

Our Plant-Based Proteins

GREEN BOY has worked to create an affordable, high quality plant-based protein powder through stringent testing and sourcing. We have crafted a single ingredient protein with no odor and minimal flavor for versatile use.
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Our Mission

The world population is growing rapidly while the Earth’s flora and fauna is diminishing. The dependence on feeding our world with meat and dairy related products is a large contributor to the acceleration of global warming. By choosing a fare more sustainable and healthy protein alternative in the form our plant-based protein powder as a nutritional food source we are taking a step in the right direction of ensuring that we, our children and our grandkids can grow up in livable, green environment and on a habitable planet. That’s why GREEN BOY works on projects to elevate the awareness of our mission by incorporating our plant-based protein powder into food programs at local school districts, food banks and sports team.

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