Does single ingredient mean there's no nutritional value?

When we say that our products are “single-ingredient” we mean it! Each of our protein powders is derived from one type of plant (mung bean, fava, chickpea, etc.) and is turned into a protein isolate. However, that doesn’t mean that it loses its nutritional value (which is different from its ingredients). Check out our nutritional labels to see the exact breakdown of nutrients.

How are Green Boy vegan protein powders made?

The protein is extracted from each single ingredient with no adulterants or additives to assist or bulk out the product resulting in a clean, single-ingredient, protein powder derived from its single source origin (fava, pea, mung etc). This is done via several methods (wet or dry) where the insoluble fibers and starch are extracted and discarded or used in alternative products and then the protein is milled or ground to a fine flavorless protein powder with nothing else added.

Where can I buy Green Boy plant-based protein powder?

Our products are available via our web shop, Amazon and in local stores in California.

Can I eat Green Boy flavourless protein powder as it is?

Our powder is designed to be blended into shakes, smoothies, soups or to bake a protein powder ball or other baked goods. You can eat raw or cook it. Whichever way you choose you’ll be getting a great boost of unmodified protein.

How to add Green Boy plant-based protein powder to my food, do you have any recipes?

Browse our blog for all of our protein recipes suitable for all types of proteins. You can also find inspiration on ourI nstagram!

Where do your ingredients come from?

We travel the world in order to find the healthiest and most sustainably sourced and farmed ingredients that are grown in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Can I purchase Green Boy products protein powder in bulk?

Yes. If you're business looking to use our protein powder, you can contact is here.

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