4 Ingredients listicle

4 Ingredients You Didn't Know You Were Ingesting Daily

And how to avoid them.

3 Reasons You Might Have Mold In Your Cup Of Coffee...

And how to avoid it.

3 Reasons You Might Have Mold In Your Cup Of Coffee...

And how to avoid it.


Eggs, Beef, and Milk (Non-plant-based)

Many protein powders contain eggs, beef, and milk. While these sources may contain high levels of protein, many people are unknowingly intolerant of them making their protein difficult to digest.

They are also some of the biggest contributors to our environmental deterioration releasing greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2, and nitrous oxide.

Did you know:

Green Boy products are 100% plant-based, clean + vegan.


Artificial Flavors

These are used to give protein powder a more appealing flavor.

However, they often contain chemicals that can be toxic to the body, but Green Boy is totally unflavoured protein powder that you can have without a second thought.

Plus it’s easy to mix into anything - savoury or sweet!


Whey or Casein (Pesticides)

If your protein powder is made from whey or casein that comes from cows that have most likely been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics and may contain these chemicals.

Green Boy products are free from these pesticides - 100% natural and gentle on your body and our planet.

Quick Tip:

Read the ingredients on the back of your protein - if you don't understand the majority of what is in it. Put it down and walk away...


Cornstarch (FILLERS)

The most common culprit...

Many protein powders contain fillers such as cornstarch or maltodextrin. These ingredients can cause digestive problems and weight gain. Green boy products contain just 1 ingredient - Protein. Green Boy is no filler brand.