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Chickpea Protein Powder

The Best Protein Source For Weight-Loss
"I love the simplicity - Just 1 ingredient which you can actually pronounce, PLUS it's super easy on the stomach!"
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Chickpea Protein Powder
Chickpea Protein Powder
Chickpea Protein Powder
Chickpea Protein Powder

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The Best Protein Powder for Weight-Loss
Great for digestion and controlling your appetite.
Good for controlling blood sugar due to its low glycemic index (GI).
Can help fight chronic diseases.


A clean and healthy way to add more protein and nutrients to your favorite recipes.
Great in savory or sweet dishes.
Sprinkle on your favorite vegetables or mix in with yogurt & fruit.
Add to traditional baked goods recipes like cinnamon rolls or donuts.


Vegan | No soy | No GMOs | No Gluten
25 grams of protein per serving
14 servings per container