Mung Bean Protein Powder

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Mung Bean Powder Benefits

Incredibly high in protein and fiber, mung beans, and mung bean powder are nothing short of a powerhouse of health. 

·  Rich in essential amino acids

·  Significant source of fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc and more

·  May help reduce chronic disease risk

·  Can help prevent heat stroke

·  Potential to lower LDL cholesterol levels

Mung Bean Powder Uses

It’s easy to add mung bean powder to your daily routine. The protein powder is ideal for cooking with because it’s virtually tasteless. Bake it into your favorite recipes like muffins, soup, or pizza crust or use the mung bean powder like a traditional protein powder in shakes and smoothies.

Mung Bean Powder Nutrition and Info

Plant-based protein powder | No soy | No GMOs | No Gluten

25 grams of protein per serving

Net wt 16 oz (1 lb / 450 g)

Grown in North America