It is important now more than ever that we come together to improve the environment through earth-friendly innovations. These creations help to improve the overall quality of life by ensuring the safety of humans, animals, and the planet.

In recent times, several fitness brands have sprung up with innovative solutions to carbon-emitting problems. These brands have made a lasting impact on the market and are shaking up the industry with new designs, technical fabrics, and fun colors and patterns. Some Health & Fitness brands are making a positive change in the world by promoting earth-friendly measures. Sustainable production methods, eco-friendly company policies, and community partnerships are the some of ways to achieve their goals.

Most fitness products are expensive and were made through unsafe methods that increase carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. After discovering some of the progressive steps these brands are taking to improve the environment and quality of life, you will have reasons to be more intentional about your shopping choices.

Here are seven fitness brands that make eco-friendly products to ensure the wearer’s safety and to improve the environment.

Green Boy

The worldwide consumption of foods like fish, meat, GMO, and dairy products has resulted in substantial loss of natural resources and environmental pollution. Reports have shown that the various production factors are known to contribute to global warming. At Green boy, the mission is to prevent unsafe food production practices and promote quality of life by supplying plant-based ingredients. Also, the company shows open support for institutions dedicated to promoting eco-friendly living, which is in line with our philosophy and mission. The products are plant-based, and they help supply NON-GMO food ingredients to leading brands around the globe.

We are one out of the few progressive health brands that have made it a mission to build the earth rather than destroy it. The use of GMO fields has endangered a species of butterflies called the Monarch butterfly. This is one of the most recognized butterfly species in the world and reports have shown up a ninety percent decline in their population due to GMO. Also, research shows that if humans switch to a completely green diet, without any meat and dairy products, global farmland use could be reduced by more than seventy-five percent.

Green Boy is a member of the Plant-based Foods Association (PBFA) and a proud supporter of the 1% FOR THE PLANET foundation. The foundation is committed to providing solutions to core environmental issues, including climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife. The association has thousands of responsible and progressive member businesses that are giving back to non-profits dedicated to a healthier planet.

Green Boy products come in fully recyclable paper bags. All products are vegan and contain single-ingredient, which requires less processing and conserves water.

Anjali Clothing

Anjali clothing is a progressive brand that uses recycled materials to create fitness products. They use recycled polyester derived from disposed-off plastic bottles to create their printed legging. Fifteen plastic bottles can be recycled to create one pair of leggings, and this is a significant step towards preventing landfills. It takes up to a thousand years for a plastic bottle to decompose, which poses a threat to the quality of life due to the release of harmful chemicals while decomposing.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga is one of the top fitness companies that is known for its earth-friendly company policies. Workers or employees are encouraged to carpool, which minimizes pollution. Also, the offices are mostly stocked with fully recycled work supplies.

The brand is WRAP certified, which shows that all production processes are clean and responsible. All business partners are also WRAP certified for compliance with safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing.



Prana brand is known for creating new products with existing materials. Recyclable materials like plastic bottles pose a threat to the overall quality of life. There is an increasing awareness about this problem, and Prana, together with a few other brands are taking active steps to provide solutions. It is a Fitness wear brand, and up to fifty-three percent of the spring styles contain recycled materials. Up to twenty-eight percent of them are derived from recycled nylon, and up to seventy-one percent are recycled polyester.

They also make use of ECONYL® Nylon, which requires carbon emissions and energy usage. There is an obvious difference in the environmental effect of the ECONYL® nylon compared to others. Prana also makes use of a recycled fiber known as REPREVE®.  This fiber is derived from plastic bottles sourced from landfills and oceans. REPREVE® is 100% recycled fiber for clothing that feels and performs like brand new.

Up to twenty-four percent of our wool styles are made with recycled wool and are made in Prato, Italy. Prato is a city filled with mills that have been recycling wool since the beginning of the 19th century. New products are environmentally-tasking; hence, recycling provides an Earth-friendly alternative to the traditional resource-and-energy-draining process.