Ramon's Protein Packed Yoghurt

Ramon's Protein Packed Yoghurt

Our Operations Manager Ramon started his fitness journey a few months ago and let us tell you he is D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D! This is him sharing his favorite protein loaded yoghurt recipe with the key nutritionals. 


Yogurt - 340grams = 200 calories & 36g protein (Sub plant-based yoghurt if desired)
Dehydrated peanut butter- 48grams = 200 calories & 48g protein
Collagen(by Live Conscious)- 11grams = 40 calories & 10g protein (optional)
Protein powder- 36gtams = 240 calories & 50 grams of protein
Maple Flavored Syrup(by Lakanto)- 8 table spoons / 120ml = 40 calories

Total without fruit: 720 calories & 146g protein

Fruit will be needed for flavor!